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Active Adult Living

Being active as you age is an important part of remaining healthy and happy. It’s important to be comfortable in your own home, knowing that everything you need is easily accessible and even easier to use. We all want the perfect place to call home. The homes offered by Segal & Morel Third Generation Builders offer all of this and more.

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No Age Restrictions

We have no age restrictions. In fact, we encourage individuals to explore the options that living in a community like ours offers. Age is only a number, after all. Every day more and more people are proving that they can stay just as active as individuals half their age and are having fun doing it. By not restricting our community to a specific age, we encourage a wider range of diversity in the hopes that each of our residents will continue to learn from others in the area.

Maintenance Free with Many Amenities

Our living areas are maintenance free. Every appliance comes with a warranty that ensures you will be able to use them for many years to come. We have several floor plans to choose from that are extremely popular. Most have enough room for you to invite guests and enjoy having your family nearby. You will also have access to nearby facilities. As part of active adult living, you need to have amenities that enable you to keep moving.

Energy Efficient Green Living

One of the main benefits of our homes is their energy efficient rating. We take great pride in offering green living at its finest. You will have access to the most energy efficient appliances on the market, ensuring that your impact on the environment will be minimal. Our energy efficient homes are more affordable and much easier to maintain. Each home is designed to meet environmentally sound standards that use sustainable materials without having to worry about introducing toxins into the home.

If you are looking for the perfect home that has no age restrictions and offers both energy efficiency and maintenance-free living, we have the solution. Adult active living is a concept that many people are embracing as they age. They want to find a forever home that is both affordable and will allow them to be as active as they choose to be. Live life to the fullest! Explore the options we have available and begin living today!

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