Segal & Morel builds outstanding homes in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Here, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about our energy-efficient luxury homes.

Why Should I Choose a Custom Home?luxury home

When you choose a Segal & Morel custom home, you get to design the home of your dreams and likely won’t have to do upgrades or big-ticket repairs for years. Many home buyers believe building a new custom home requires a much bigger budget than buying an existing home. This is not necessarily true – when you’re choosing materials and features with your home builder, you have the opportunity to work from a base price, set a budget, and control what you select.

What Does Having a Green Home Mean?

Segal & Morel’s homes in Riverview Estates are Energy Star® certified and Certified Green by the NAHB Home Innovation Research Labs. This means that environmental considerations and resource efficiency are incorporated into every step of the building and development process. The use of renewable materials, energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances, high R-Value insulation, low-E windows, and water-efficient fixtures and rainwater collection systems are just a few features that help make a green home.

What Is a Spec Home?

A spec home is a new house that home builders create on the speculation that it will sell easily. These affordable, move-in-ready homes enable buyers to get a good deal on a well-constructed house, but customization options are limited.

What Floor Plan Options Are Available?

We offer a range of floor plans and designs that can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for an empty nest home, we offer floor plans with a bedroom and bathroom suite and laundry room on the first floor. Those who entertain a lot or have families with children and teens often decide to go with a finished basement and custom outdoor decks or patios for gathering. With our floor plans, the possibilities are endless for building a luxury home that‘s the right size, style, and design for you.

How Much Can I Customize My Home?

Unless you’re purchasing a spec home that’s already finished, you can customize your home as little or as much as you’d like. In addition to modifying floor plans according to your vision, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to flooring, , Energy Star® appliances, light fixtures, windows, cabinets and a host of other features. At Segal & Morel, we’re committed to helping home buyers realize their dreams. Our commitment to the buyer means we guide you every step of the way to help you create a home you’ll love.

How Long Does It Take to Build a New House?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent 2020 data from the Survey of Construction, the average time it takes to build a new home in a housing development or planned community is 6.8 months. However, there are many variables that can affect how long building your new home will take, such as location, size, weather conditions, availability of materials, and other factors. If you’re building a home from scratch it will usually take about 6 to 8 months.

Building a new home in a planned community like Riverview Estates West is an expedient process. You don’t have to wait months for us to get the required permits. Working from an existing floor plan helps save a lot of time, even if you make alterations such as extending the sizes of bathrooms and closets. With more than 50 years of experience in home building, our seasoned professionals Segal & Morel work collaboratively to get things done in a timely, efficient manner.

What Time of Year Should I Buy a House?

The time of year to buy a house depends on your specific circumstances. Spring usually is the busiest time of year for real estate sales, but winter tends to be a buyer’s market since fewer homes are available. If you’re building a home, construction may progress faster in the spring or summer because the weather’s better and the days are longer. At Segal & Morel, we work throughout the year and we’re happy to advise you on which time of year may be best for you and what the timeline for completing your home will be.

Is a Home Warranty Provided?

A 10-year, full-service warranty from Residential Mortgage Corporation is available with every Segal & Morel home in Riverview Estates West. This includes full-term coverage on the home’s major structural elements, two years of coverage on select portions of mechanical systems, and one year of coverage for workmanship and materials. Your home warranty is also transferrable within the 10-year term, which can make it more attractive to buyers and increase resale value.

Why Choose Riverview Estates?

Whether you’re an empty nester or a first-time homebuyer who’s unsure about buying a new home vs. an older home, Riverview Estates West offers something for everyone. Not only does this amazing planned community feature attractive, well-constructed luxury homes, it’s surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lehigh Valley.

With a pool, a luxury clubhouse, and courts for tennis, basketball, and volleyball, there are plenty of amenities in your own backyard. The nearby town of Easton, PA, access to main highways for an easy commute, and a plethora of local recreational and cultural activities will keep you on your toes and provide new adventures every day.

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