• We took a long time getting builders and reviewing plans to build our first home. after reading online reviews, plans and speaking with current residents we decided Segal & Moral was our first choice. after our first visit we knew that river view was the place for us. The staff is kind of considerate the builders are quality of efficient the stress on buyers and bent over backwards to make things perfect for us. Segal & Moral honer their word and commitments no matter what it takes. I couldn't imagine  building with anyone else and would recommend Segal & Moral to anyone building a new home. We finally have our first land hopefully forever.

    Michael, Amanda
  • On March 12th, my wife Kate and I celebrated three years in our Segal & Morel home. We are extremely pleased with our home, which has proven to be extremely comfortable and very energy efficient. We also wanted to mention that your local staff people should be recognized for their professional work effort and pleasant dispositions. Chris Anderson was so helpful when we were making modifications and additions to our home. Our Plan #9 turned out great. Pat Smith continues to be a special friend and Kate and I have told her that if future home owners would like to see a Plan #9, to just give us a call and our house will be available. John Lewis is always open and available to answering any questions I have about anything related to the house and/or surroundings. We can't say enough good things about Joey Frazee and Andre Villalta. They are always so pleasant. We have had them assist us with extra things around our home on Saturdays. They do great work at a very fair cost. Joey and Andre are an excellent team. I have not met your new replacement for Waleed, but will be sure to make contact when I see him and "welcome him to our neighborhood". Keep up the good work and best wishes for the future.

    Bruce A. Vakiener
  • I just wanted to take a minute to share with you how very well satisfied that I am working with all the staff that I've encountered along the way who are responsible for building my home.  It has been a real pleasure working with Chris Anderson, as representative of your business he does a great job to organize the operations.  It is vitally important to have a person who is patient and is willing to take the time to ensure that the homeowner is completely satisfied with their purchase.  Chris has been very easy going regarding any changes in plans, he has been working with me to facilitate changes in lighting, building a mantle, the addition of a hearth and adding a stone façade around the fireplace. Chris is easy to talk with and will take the time to address any of my concerns as the building process was moving forward. I had an opportunity to work with Walled and the site supervisor John and they have always been very approachable when it comes to making changes to customize my home. Pat has always been very welcoming from the first time my family came to see the model until now when family or friends are interested is seeing the model or stopping by to see new home as it takes shape.  She is very friendly and always has a kind word whenever I to stop in at the model for measurements or rechecking colors that were picked out. My home has really taken shape since we began in September.  I have observed many aspects of the construction process and had an opportunity to really appreciate the attention to detail and the quality workmanship that goes into your homes.  I am very pleased with the quality of work the construction tradesmen have demonstrated while working on my site.  The contractors have been willing to make suggestions and amenable to working with me in this ever changing process.  I worked closely with the electrician Frank Mulea and he was also very accommodating and very helpful. He was willing to take the time to develop a good working floor plan as we ironed out the details of the lighting and the electrical system.  I will be sure to make my opinion public as I feel it is important for prospective customers to be aware of which builders are willing to take the time to listen to their customers and work with them as you did when you built my home.  Reviews are an invaluable tool in determining whether I would consider using a builder to build my home.  Your business deserves a glowing review and your staff is wonderful.  I wanted you all to be aware that the people that represent your fine name are really going above and beyond to ensure that you maintain a great reputation while building a quality home.  Please feel free to share this with the company's owner as it is always nice to hear a word of praise for a job well done.

    Randy Schwartz
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