You’ve finally done it – you bought your dream home! But here’s the thing: preferences tend to change over time, and that means yours might, too. Whether you’re in need of an additional bedroom to make space for another member of the family, or you’re simply seeking a fresh area where you can lounge in total comfort, Segal & Morel Custom Builders can help provide you with an expertly crafted home addition.

Beautify Your Home with Segal & Morel

No matter what sort of expansion you’re looking for, the custom builders at Segal & Morel will strive to bring your ideas to fruition. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help enhance your home.

Choosing Your Home Addition

When it comes to home additions, the ideas are virtually limitless – but the ability to put plans into action is contingent upon your particular circumstances, so make sure to contact Segal & Morel and allow our custom builder to assess your existing space and size up your options.

If you’re unsure about what exactly it is that you’re looking for, but would like to expand nonetheless, consider a few of the following popular home addition options:
  • Sunroom – Building a sunroom is a highly sought-after choice, and for good reason: there are few things as relaxing as enjoying the blue sky and shining sun from the comfort of your own home. The walls of a sunroom are primarily made of glass, which allows you to absorb the view from within.
  • Bedroom – There are many reasons why one might construct an additional bedroom. Whether a baby is on the way or you simply desire a room in which you can comfortably house guests without sending them to that futon in the den, a bedroom addition is a worthy and generally achievable goal.
  • Master suite– Why settle for a small bedroom? Upgrade to a master suite to lend your home a sense of unabashed luxury. Usually outfitted with a master bathroom that offers a place to relax and clean up in total comfort, a master suite will satisfy your need for more while boosting your home’s resale value.
  • Dormer – Dormers are vertical expansions designed to offer a bit of extra headspace in rooms that are otherwise limited by a home’s slanted roof. Working these common additions into the design of your home is an excellent way to gain livable space without moving the boundaries of your house outward.
dormer addition under construction on a house