Buildings have become tighter and tighter over the years, with quality insulation, weather barriers and insulated doors and windows to maintain energy efficiency. As homes continue to be built with tight seals, however, indoor air quality and its impacts on health have come into question. That’s why Segal & Morel ensures the homes we build in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are designed with systems that keep indoor air as clean and safe as possible.

The Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 90% more time indoors than they do outside. Depending on the insulation, ventilation, and other factors, the air inside a building can be anywhere from two to five times as polluted as the air outside. That’s because many pollutants originate indoors, including:

  • Carbon monoxide and particulates from fireplaces, wood and coal heaters, cooking appliances, and tobacco products
  • Chemical fumes from cleaning supplies, paints, insecticides, and other household chemicals
  • Chemical off-gassing from building supplies and construction
  • Natural health hazards including pet dander, mildew, mold, and radon
  • Airborne viruses from sick visitors and inhabitants

Without proper ventilation to exchange air, these pollutants have no way to leave your home. Over time, pollutants build up, reduce air quality, and impact the health of people breathing them.

How We Keep Air Clean

To combat the hazards associated with indoor air pollution, Segal & Morel stays current with the latest scientific advances to keep indoor air fresh and healthy. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has found the best ways to keep your indoor air quality high are through proper air filtration, humidity control, and fresh air ventilation.

In light of these findings, we reduce health hazards, like pollutants and airborne viruses, with the following standard features in every one of our homes:

Air Filtration

We equip all of our furnaces with a standard Lennox Healthy Climate 5” Carbon Clean MERV* 16 Media Filter. Our filters, which operate at hospital inpatient care levels of filtration, have the following health benefits:

  • Remove over 95% of particles ranging in size down to 0.3 microns
  • Remove over 90% of bio-aerosols and microorganisms down to 0.01 microns
  • No ozone emissions, reducing ground-level ozone in the home by up to 50%

Humidity Control

Segal & Morel homes also come equipped with Lennox “Healthy Climate” Whole House Humidifiers, which offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of damage and cracks to woodwork, flooring, musical instruments, and paintings
  • Decreased survival for certain viruses and reduced transmission rates

Fresh Air Control

All Segal & Morel homes include a Lennox “Healthy Climate” Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to exchange stale air for fresh. It also releases potentially hazardous indoor air pollutants that would otherwise be trapped in the home. Fresh air control comes with a variety of health benefits, including:

  • Cleaner, fresher indoor air
  • Fewer indoor air pollutants
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced heat loss

Build a Home with Segal & Morel

Energy efficiency is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of healthy air. Make your home safe to live in with indoor air quality control with Segal & Morel. To learn more about our quality homebuilding services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, contact us today.