Construction Advantages

Segal and Morel ENERGY STAR Homes are constructed with high-efficiency systems and upgrades not found in all standard new homes. These upgrades provide you with a more tightly constructed home, resulting in energy savings and increased year-round comfort. ENERGY STAR Homes representatives work with Segal & Morel to help determine the appropriate mix of upgrades that is right for your new home. Upgrades include:

High-efficiency heating and cooling systems
HVAC equipment can account for over 50% of a home’s total energy use. Installing a high-efficiency system consumes less energy than a standard system and can significantly reduce utility costs.

High-efficiency water heating systems
Much like your HVAC equipment, a high-efficiency water heating system will perform better and use less energy than a standard system to help save you money.

Higher insulation levels
Improved, properly installed insulation keeps out excessive heat or cold and helps to even out temperatures between and across rooms.

High-performance low-E windows
Advanced windows prevent heat from escaping your home when the temperature drops outside, and keep heat from coming in when outdoor temperatures soar.

Tightly sealed ductwork
In a typical home, ducts leak 20% to 30% of the air forced through them. Duct systems that are sealed and verified by a field test can substantially eliminate these leaks, improving the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems.

Reduced Air Infiltration
Outdoor air that leaks indoors makes it difficult to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. House wrap, sealant, foam and tape reduce air infiltration by sealing off cracks and gaps in the framing and holes for plumbing, mechanical equipment and electrical wiring.

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