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Virtual Tours of Custom Homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

In today’s age of technology, there’s no need to leave your home to tour a house, especially if you don’t feel safe doing so. At Segal & Morel, we offer virtual house tours that allow you to view our custom builds from the comfort, convenience, and security of home. Explore our luxury houses in Forks Township, Pennsylvania today and see if any of our offerings might become a candidate for your new home.

Easy and Convenient

Virtual house tours with Segal & Morel allow you to tour our luxury homes at your convenience. There’s no need to take an afternoon off work, sacrifice relaxation time over a weekend, or finagle the conflicting schedules of real estate agents and homeowners. Instead, you can view the home whenever and from wherever you’d like – without an appointment.

Are you planning to relocate? If so, you can also tour houses in your new location without having to travel. Or, do you simply not feel like going out? Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your current home. Best of all, you can take as many repeat tours as you like without repeating the hassle of scheduling an in-person time.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Our virtual tours aren’t only easy and convenient – they’re safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new level of risk to most in-person activities. With a virtual tour, however, you can view homes with complete peace of mind. Whether you’re in an at-risk population, have loved ones to protect, or simply want to stay well, virtual tours will allow you to prepare for your move without fear of contracting the virus.

Though we’re offering virtual tours, prospective homeowners can still view our homes in person. Our teams at Segal & Morel have taken many precautions to allow interested buyers to attend tours without worry. Showings are held by appointment only to avoid crowds and follow all of the recommendations of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Greater Lehigh Valley Association of Realtors.

The Advantages of Touring Virtually

With a virtual tour, you can take control of your own experience and explore the features that matter the most to you. Touring the home at your own pace, you may linger in a room as long as you like and return to it as many times as you need. You also have plenty of time to imagine yourself living there, visualize your furniture, and mentally build a life in a new home.

Virtual tours also allow you to form a better idea of the home’s layout. It’s easy for memories to get scrambled after a long day of in-home visits. But this way, you can weigh two or more options side-by-side, helping you to compare the benefits of each. It makes for a better understanding of your options and a smoother decision-making process.

Schedule Your Tour Today

If you’re looking for a safer way to tour, a more convenient option, or simply a way to compare your choices in a house search, explore homes virtually with Segal & Morel. We are a team of award-winning homebuilders offering custom homes to clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To find out more about touring our custom homes virtually, contact us today.