The average homeowner tends to spend about eight years in a home before selling with 47% of homeowners only residing in their homes between six and 10 years. Reasons homeowners move on from their starter home and look for their forever home can vary, but most of the time it’s because of space. It’s not uncommon for couples or families to outgrow their current living situation and require additional space.

Those who feel their current home can no longer accommodate their needs often ask themselves, should I buy a bigger house or build a new one? Here, Segal & Morel, a trusted builder with 50 years of experience in home building and home additions, discusses the things to consider when choosing whether to buy an existing house or build a new one.

Reasons to Purchase

The home-buying process can be an exciting time for individuals or families. The opportunity to view various properties and their amenities allows clients to better determine if these homes would be a good fit for their lifestyle or not.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for a newly built home is that it’s designed with your needs in mind. Additionally, the convenience of being able to move in right away makes purchasing an existing home very attractive to many.

For those who prefer purchasing an existing home, Segal & Morel offers quick delivery homes that are almost move-in ready. More so, clients can select the final touches, such as finishing elements and fixtures, to make the home unique and better serve their needs.

Reasons to Build

The perfect home accommodates all of its residents. Finding the perfect home can be difficult when viewing existing homes because every homeowner’s needs vary, and you might find there are aspects about different existing properties you like, but none are exactly what you want. For clients who want a property tailored to their specific needs and desires, a new build is the better option.

Segal & Morel specializes in custom home building, creating homes specially designed to meet the needs of their residents. Dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind homes, our team works closely with you to develop a floor plan and exterior design that matches your unique desires.

Clients can also select their preferred fixtures and other components. What’s more, all of our homes are energy-efficient green homes that meet Energy Star standards.

Purchase or Build a New Home with Segal & Morel

Clients who feel that they’ve outgrown their current living situation can find what they’re looking for with help from the building experts at Segal & Morel. Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, and serving the Lehigh Valley area, including New Jersey, we have been creating exceptional new homes and planned communities since 1960.

We are pleased to offer clients many options and floor plans, including some with versatile flex spaces. You can have a home custom built just or purchase g one of our nearly move-in ready homes that only require a few final finishing touches. Our Riverview Estates West community offers residents several great advantages, including a stunning array of beautiful views and recreational amenities in the clubhouse for residents of all ages to enjoy. Lots are available for those interested in becoming a part of this beautiful community.

To learn more about the advantages of purchasing one of our existing houses or new construction homes, contact us today at Segal & Morel.