If you’re looking to custom design and build your dream home in the greater Lehigh Valley area, there are a few things to consider. Working with an experienced local building company can help ensure you get the most out of your investment. Segal & Morel has been serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey with custom home-building services for more than 60 years and can help you create a home you love. Here, we share more tips about building a new home in the Lehigh Valley.

Get Inspiration

Gathering inspiration for your custom home build is one of the easier parts of the process, especially if you’re a big fan of design. Visit websites like Pinterest, HGTV, or Zillow, or read through catalogs to see what kinds of styles you love and which you don’t like. Also take note of any must-have features you want in your home, whether it’s a finished basement, backyard pool, or spacious garage. It’s also beneficial to determine the type of floor plan you want so you can have an idea of the costs and timeline of your custom build.

Plan Your Budget

If you think you’re ready to start the process of building your custom home, chances are you’ve already been budgeting and saving money for quite a while. Homes are one of the most expensive investments there is, and you want to make sure you can afford what you’re looking for. Developing a budget includes coming up with a realistic idea of how much money it will cost to build your home and how much you can afford to spend. It also involves looking at the cost of different components of your home, including the land, the architect, the designer, the general contractor, the materials, appliances, and more. It’s important to plan for hidden costs and start-up costs, and it’s typically recommended to over-budget to account for these and any cost overruns.

Pick the Right Location

When custom-building a new home, you need to find a land lot in a suitable location to build it on. You can use a realtor to locate different lots or find available ones on your own, but make sure to do research about the surrounding area before purchasing land. You’ll want to check the school districts, crime rates, surrounding businesses, and distance to other frequent places.

If you’re working with a building company, they may perform tests and inspections to ensure soil condition and drainage are appropriate for construction, plus follow all applicable zoning and building codes.

Research Different Builders

Once you’ve narrowed down your desired style, budget, and location, you can start to research different builders and architects in your area. You want to do proper research to ensure you hire a trusted and experienced team to work on your house, not just choose based on the lowest price or bid. Read reviews and testimonials and ask other locals about their recommendations.

For customers in the Lehigh Valley area, Segal & Morel is the trusted choice for custom home building, with more than 60 years of experience and Energy Star-certified homes. Most building companies hire outside personnel for certain services, but not at Segal & Morel. We offer a design-build model, which means that one team designs and builds your property under one contract. This leads to improved communication, efficiency, delivery time, and even cost savings – just some of the advantages of having your designer be your builder.

Start the Building Process

After choosing your builder and signing a contract, it’s time for the building process to begin. Your builder will finalize the design plans with your approval, which is the time to bring up any changes you want or decisions like going green. Then, the ground will be broken, and construction will be started. The process can take anywhere from six to eight months and possibly longer depending on any delays.

Request More Information Today

Are you ready to begin designing your dream home in the Lehigh Valley? Take the above factors into consideration and choose Segal & Morel as your one-stop shop for both custom design and building a new home. Contact us today to request more information or read through our frequently asked questions to learn more.