Many retirees choose to downsize their homes for many reasons. Some want to move closer to families, while others may want a simpler, less hectic lifestyle. Downsizing from a larger home into a smaller one can be challenging, as many homeowners must de-clutter, throw things away, and decide which items are most valuable. However, downsizing your home for retirement and undergoing custom home building can be convenient with the right information and tips. Here, Segal & Morel highlights the best tips for downsizing your home for retirement and our community at Riverview Estates West.

Figure Out Your Reason for Moving

The first step to hunting for a new home is to evaluate why you plan on moving. Is it to save costs on housing? Or do you want to be closer to children and loved ones? Are you getting older and simply want less space to manage? Regardless of the reasoning, understanding the answer to these questions can help you determine your needs for your new home.

After asking yourself these questions and coming up with answers, you should be able to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. This can help determine ideal housing locations, amenities, and other factors contributing to a better quality of living.

Explore Different Housing Areas and Options

The next step in downsizing your home involves exploring different housing areas and options. If you want to move within the same city, you already know what the community is like and the people in it. However, those looking to move elsewhere should research the new area they want to move to. This helps narrow options to ones with the most optimal fit.

Alongside research, homeowners should consider visiting the property and businesses around the community. They should also speak with community members to better understand what it’s like to live in the area. Segal & Morel offers homes from Riverview Estates West, a luxury home development in the Lehigh Valley area. These homes offer the chance to join a close-knit community. When building a house at Riverview Estates West, homeowners must consider different custom building plans before construction begins.

Organize and De-Clutter Your Belongings

After finding the ideal space, homeowners must begin organizing and de-cluttering their belongings. Retirees often have been living in the same home for years. This means homes can hold many items, such as:

  • Children’s memory boxes
  • Photographs
  • Paperwork
  • Old clothing
  • Worn furniture
  • Magazines and newspapers

Organizing items helps make moves smooth and efficient. De-cluttering allows homeowners to dig through years of items and paperwork and determine which items are outdated or can be thrown away. Retirees can consider giving childhood memorabilia and other items to adult children to store. There are also many ways to recycle old clothing, furniture, magazines, and newspapers into new items that hold sentimental value and add functionality to the home.

Rely on Segal & Morel for Help With Downsizing Your Home for Retirement

Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, Segal & Morel serves homeowners across New Jersey and Lehigh Valley, PA. We are home builders dedicated to sustainability, offering Energy Star-compliant homes using environmentally conscious standards.

For example, we buy materials locally and implement strategies for reducing waste. This means homeowners looking to downsize their homes for retirement can feel good about their home-building services. Our team believes we are not just building a house – we are building someone’s home. To learn more about what should be on your downsizing home checklist, contact us today.