Building a new home gives you the freedom to choose features that align with your design tastes and lifestyle. Segal and Morel has been one of the premiere new home builders in the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey. We help you understand the building process and how long it may take. We’re dedicated to making your vision for a new home a reality and keeping the timeline for completion on track.

Factors That Affect New Construction of Homes in PA and NJ

According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average length of time it takes to build a new home is about 7.6 months. However, construction times can vary significantly, depending on the weather, the size of the home, how long it takes to obtain permits, whether it’s a custom new home build, and other factors. In planned communities like Riverview Estates West, homebuyers can choose from a wide range of existing floor plans, which can shave some time off the home-building process. These floor plans provide a solid design base but can be customized to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Quick-Delivery Homes

Sometimes, buyers need to find a new home as soon as possible. Each year, Segal & Morel builds a few new move-in-ready homes. With a quick-delivery home, buyers can choose the final fixtures and features, but most of the big steps of the home-building process are already completed. This cuts a significant amount of wait time while offering the advantages of buying a new home. Being able to enjoy your new home in a fraction of the time construction usually takes also simplifies your life and helps make the process stress-free.

Custom-Built Homes

If you’re interested in building a custom home in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, the design process takes longer. Architects, builders, and designers help you develop an original floor plan and exterior design that reflect what you’re looking for in a new home. Involving your home builders early in the design process can help save time, money, and headaches when construction begins. To save some time, you may want to consider a combination of custom-built and pre-designed by using an existing Segal and Morel floor plan you can modify according to your wishes.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Green homes help protect the environment while providing a comfortable living space and helping you save on utility costs. When building a green home, environmental considerations and resource efficiency are taken into account during each step of the design and construction process. Energy Star® certified new homes may be 20-30% more energy-efficient than a standard new build. Specific construction techniques, renewable materials, and appliances are required to meet Energy Star® guidelines.

Energy-efficient HVAC systems, tankless water heaters, Energy Star® appliances and lighting, and rainwater collection systems are just a few features that help make a new home green. New homes in Riverview Estates West have been Energy Star® certified since 2001 and Green Certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center since 2010.

Hiring Experienced Builders Is a Must

Whether you’re looking for an empty nest home with a ground-floor bedroom and bathroom suite or need more space to accommodate a growing family, if you’re planning to build a new home, hire knowledgeable, responsive builders. For example, when seasoned construction professionals like Segal & Morel build new energy-efficient homes, green features are part of their regular building process and don’t take extra time. A less experienced builder may not utilize the framework of existing floor plans or have processes and systems ironed out, which could result in longer construction times.

Having a clear understanding of the steps required to build a new home can help set your mind at ease. Builders who are well-versed in new construction keep you informed of any developments, set you up for success, and help you create the home of your dreams in a reasonable amount of time.

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