When designing your custom home, there is a balance to strike between luxury and efficiency, and Segal & Morel has found it. For over 50 years, we’ve helped homeowners design energy-efficient homes that look and feel luxurious. Here, we detail important pieces of the design and building process that can reduce the amount of energy your home uses without compromising luxury living.

Complete Thermal Enclosure System

To truly enjoy your luxurious lifestyle while receiving optimal efficiency, you should first consider a complete thermal enclosure system for your custom-built home. These systems are comprised of the following components, all of which can improve comfort, reduce the need for maintenance, decrease energy bills, and deliver other great benefits:

  • Air sealing: With this system, owners of Energy Star-certified homes should see a minimum of 10% savings yearly on utility costs thanks to proper air sealing.
  • Correctly installed, quality insulation: This system should avoid the compression, voids, and gaps left by improper installation. It should also offer effective air barriers to keep air from traveling through the insulation, as well as prevent heat from escaping through the framing.
  • High-performance windows: In every system, Segal & Morel utilizes Energy Star-compliant windows, which receive the following performance ratings:
    • U-factor: This is the rate at which non-solar heat flow is conducted by the window. Segal & Morel’s windows boast an average U-factor of .3.
    • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): This measures how much solar radiation enters through a window, and the lower the number, the better. Segal & Morel’s windows have an SHGC range of .26 to .28.

LED for Better Efficiency

Once the frame of the house has been constructed and you migrate towards the interior, consider using Energy Star-compliant LED lighting throughout your home. LED is well-known for reducing energy consumption and longevity. These lights also provide your living and dining spaces with more ambiance and can often be installed with dimmers or other customizable options including high-end light fixtures, some of which have smart features.

Customizations for Enhanced Functionality

Beyond energy-related home features, a well-balanced, luxurious home should also help its owners function easier overall – and the right customizations make all the difference. For example, Segal & Morel’s clients often opt for open-concept living spaces, which eliminate barriers between the kitchen and family areas. Our team can also provide a kitchen personalized with products and features that align with the homeowner’s lifestyle.

These are just a couple of the luxurious customizations that can contribute to your home’s overall efficiency and functionality. Other customization options available through Segal & Morel include:

  • Master bathrooms with spa-like features, making your routine easier
  • Home offices that allow you to comfortably work while staying productive
  • Expanded garage space, giving you room for recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and more
  • Children’s playrooms with specific floor plans
  • Finished basements to serve various purposes, from extra living space to storage

Build a Green, Luxurious Home with Segal & Morel

For over five decades, Segal & Morel has worked with countless homeowners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, designing customized energy-efficient homes – without losing an ounce of luxury in the process. Our team works with you every step of the way to customize everything to your exact specifications. If you’d like to learn more about balancing efficiency and luxury in your custom home design, contact us today for more information.