Before purchasing a home, it’s beneficial to consider all your options so you make the best decision and get the most out of your investment. Whether you want a new custom-built home or a quick-delivery home, Segal & Morel can help. Serving New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, Segal & Morel has over 50 years of experience providing high-quality home-building services. Here, we share more insight into quick move-in homes in the Lehigh Valley area and their benefits.

What Are Quick-Delivery Homes?

A quick move-in home, or quick delivery home, is similar to a turnkey home, or a home that’s ready for you to move in quickly without doing any renovations or repairs. Segal & Morel offers quick move-in homes that are energy-efficient and can be completed much quicker than a traditional home build. There are a few aspects to our quick move-in homes that make them beneficial, especially to busy executives and families with children. These include:

  • Frames have mechanical systems, like plumbing and electricity, already installed to save homeowners time and energy.
  • Customers can select most interior furnishings to match their style and desired aesthetic.
  • There is less likelihood of necessary renovations and updates, meaning you can potentially save money in the long term.
  • Completion timelines average around three months, making the process and move-in much faster than custom home building.

Quick move-in homes are beneficial to anyone wanting to move into their home quickly without worrying about costly renovations, surprise damage, or other circumstances. Homeowners also won’t have to stress about meeting building codes and safety regulations, as builders ensure that their home is up to code before moving in.

What About Spec Homes?

If you’re looking for a home similar to a quick move-in home but need to move in even quicker, a spec home is another option for you. These are houses that were built by design and construction firms without having a secured buyer. They’re ready to move in because they’re built on the assumption that there are readily available buyers to purchase the property. Spec homes are constructed to have updated furnishings, green home technology, and aesthetic looks.

Why Choose Segal & Morel?

 For more than 50 years, Segal & Morel has been serving NJ and PA with high-quality home-building services. Our experienced team has the skills and expertise needed to complete any job, from custom designs to quick delivery homes. We’re proud to offer many advantages to our customers that keep them coming back, including:

  • Our unique design-build model, promoting a smoother workflow, improved communication, and cost savings
  • Providing a range of floor plans and versatile flex spaces to choose from
  • Virtual tours available to visualize different designs
  • Only building energy-efficient homes that meet Energy Star standards
  • Designing a planned community, Riverview Estates West, that offers luxury homes and on-site amenities
  • Offering a 10-year, full-service warranty available with every Segal & Morel home in Riverview Estates West

These are just some of the advantages that Segal & Morel can offer you. Browse our frequently asked questions for more information about our services or processes.

Purchase a Home with Segal & Morel

If you’re considering moving into a quick delivery home, trust the team at Segal & Morel with more than 50 years of building experience. We serve those located near the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas, including Lehigh Valley. To learn more about our quick move-in houses, contact us today.