Lighting adds ambiance to any room, but it’s important to know how to use it to get the look you want and achieve optimal functionality. Whether you’re going for bright and airy or glowing and cozy, choosing the right lighting can help you get there. The professionals at Segal & Morel offer some tips on how to light your luxury home.

Go Room by Room

Sit down and think about your lighting preferences for each room. What type of mood are you going for? Do you need something bright and practical for an area like a reading nook? For example, you can use the natural light from a window to help light a reading area so it won’t overwhelm more muted lighting in the rest of the room. You can have the best of both worlds in one room, but you need to think carefully before choosing light fixtures.

Consider Practicality

It’s important to think about functionality in addition to aesthetics. Does one spouse like to read in bed while the other is sleeping? Strategically placed lighting can make it easier to live in harmony. Where do you like to read, watch TV, put on makeup? If you enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, what type of lighting will make the most out of your working space and enhance your mood? There are countless questions to ask yourself about how you want to use the spaces in your home.

Think About Natural Light

Designing the lighting in your luxury home involves much more than just considering the style and mood you’re going for. One thing to consider is how natural light at different times of the day will mesh with light fixtures and lamps in the room. The positioning of your home is a factor when it comes to which rooms will see the sunrise and which will be exposed to the sunset. This can help you and your designers determine the ideal placement and type of lights that will work best to create the results you desire.

Create Balance With Evenly Distributed Light

Evenly distributed light can make or break a room. Using dimmers to control the overhead lighting in every room can help you achieve the look you want at any time of day. Whether it’s a chandelier in the dining room or recessed lighting in your living room, a dimmer can make all the difference.

Another element to keeping lighting balanced is to use lamps to create different points of light throughout the space. You can use regular lamps and floor lamps to highlight a particular area, a bar, artwork, or anything else you’d like to showcase as a feature in the room. Again, natural night is a factor to consider when balancing out the light in a space.

Contemplate Your Fixtures

When selecting fixtures, think about the style of the room. If you’re trying to achieve a traditional look in a dining area, you may want to consider chandeliers and wall sconces. If you’re going for modern and clean, less is usually more. You can make a dramatic impact with almost any type of lighting if it’s done right.

Make A Plan

Write down your lighting design ideas and any questions as you go along. Work with your designers and builders to create a plan for the placement of plugs and lighting. If you love lamps and use a lot of electronics, it’s important to make sure you have enough outlets in the places you want them. It’s also vital to determine where you want fixtures like chandeliers and how low they will hang. You’ll learn a lot about why some things work in certain areas and others don’t. Design is a fluid process – working collaboratively can help you come up with new, creative ideas you’ll love.

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