Moving to a new home is one of the biggest undertakings a person can take. It can feel daunting for many reasons, one of which can be the cost. Moving can become expensive without planning. With Segal & Morel, learn more about the factors to consider and the most effective methods to employ when creating a moving budget from the custom home builders at Segal & Morel.

Understanding the Cost

Both working with a company and moving alone come with respective expenses. These can add up – especially when you rush for a quick move-in home. Take your time and ensure you understand all costs before reserving any equipment or services.

Working With Professionals

While it might seem like the most expensive option, working with a professional moving company can save time and moving costs in the long term. Begin by checking your local mover’s rates, keeping in mind the following:

  • Standard fees, typically charged by the hour
  • Specialty fees for items like pianos and safes
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Moving insurance

Moving Yourself

Though doing the work yourself might seem like an easy way to save, it isn’t free. Self-moving comes with its own set of costs. A realistic budget is still essential to avoid unexpected expenses. When moving by yourself, plan for costs including:

  • Truck rentals
  • Gas
  • Equipment rental for a ramp or dolly
  • Packing materials such as boxes, tape, and furniture covers
  • Furniture and moving insurance

Creating a Moving Budget Template

Once you understand the costs associated with each aspect of moving, you can begin creating your budget template. Divide items into lists of what you will move yourself and what you will trust to a professional service. Start with oversized items such as furniture, marking those that may incur specialty fees. Then move on to smaller pieces. Working room by room can help you avoid missing anything.

Once you take inventory and compile your two lists of large and small items, mark down the anticipated cost of transporting these items. If you plan to rent a budget moving truck, calculate its size and estimate the hours it may take movers to transport items. Determine how many boxes you may need and whether any larger items may require a ramp or dolly. Finally, sum up your numbers to create your total estimate.

Find Your New Home with Segal & Morel

From your home design to your moving budget, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing a new home. With Segal & Morel, you won’t have to compromise. We offer a variety of floor plans and customization options to home buyers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our Riverview Estates West community offers Energy Star-certified homes with the first-rate amenities home buyers have come to expect. Contact us for more about moving on a budget or to get started with designing your new home.