Adjusting to a new type of lifestyle can take some preparation and getting used to. If you’re considering moving from a minimalistic lifestyle to a more luxurious one, you may be wondering what the main differences are. Segal & Morel has built homes for over 50 years and is currently serving the Easton, Pennsylvania area with home construction that balances luxury with energy efficiency and extensive industry knowledge. Here, we break down the differences between minimalistic living and life in a luxury home.

Living Minimally vs. Luxuriously

Living a minimalist lifestyle is essentially living like less is more. This means focusing on simplicity, both with your material possessions and in your life as a whole. On the other hand, luxury is traditionally seen as excess and a “more is more” lifestyle filled with expensive and unnecessary items. Living luxuriously may seem like it is the exact opposite of living a minimalist lifestyle, but there is space where they intersect. Here, we discuss the main differences between minimalist and luxury living.

Wants vs. Needs

In the most basic sense, minimalists only buy what they specifically need and not just what they want. This is a key distinction between minimalists and people who live in luxury or excess in any way. A regular individual will buy something simply because they want it, whereas a minimalist will only buy something if it’s absolutely necessary. People who live in luxury will often do much more shopping and spending because they have the means to.

Quality Over Quantity

Minimalism focuses on clearing away excess to make space, and one way this is done is by focusing on the quality of items rather than the quantity. People who live in luxury may purchase multiple of something in different colors or styles if they love it, whereas a minimalist would stick to one and done. However, minimalism and luxury lifestyles are both similar in the way they will invest in one quality piece if they know it will withstand the test of time and will be used.

Intentional Living vs. Exciting Living

Another difference between people who live minimalistic lifestyles and those who live luxurious lifestyles is the way that they spend their money and time. Many minimalists focus on intentional living— focusing on experiences rather than material items. They can do this by decluttering their belongings, reusing and donating items, and volunteering their time. Minimalists may also practice minimalism through their home design to create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes that use less energy and save money.

Minimalists aren’t the only people that can practice intentional living, but people who live luxuriously may focus more on living in ways that excite them or bring them joy. Having money and means allows you to focus more on products or services that provide you with joy, excitement or make your life easier. Luxury focuses on meeting your needs (and wants) in the best or easiest possible way, and can also be shown in your home design process. Segal & Morel offers many customization options to make your life easier, like spa master bathrooms, personalized kitchens for home chefs, and expanded garage space. Learn more about our customized homes and features.

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Whether you’re considering a minimalist or luxurious lifestyle, it’s important to have a comfortable and energy-efficient home to reside in. The experts at Segal & Morel have provided our customers with high-quality luxury home construction in Easton, Pennsylvania, that combines luxury with energy efficiency for more than 50 years. We work closely with customers to gain a strong awareness of what you need and expect, whatever your lifestyle or aesthetic may be. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.