There are several reasons to use the same firm to design and build your next new home. It’s more cost-effective and improves communication during the entire design-build process. Segal & Morel has been custom-designing and building energy-efficient, green homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley for over five decades. Our luxury homes are customizable and include exceptional community amenities. Here, we outline the advantages of hiring a single experienced team as your designer and home builder.

What Is the Design-Build Model?

The design-build method means that one team designs and builds a residential or commercial property under one contract. Also referred to as single-source responsibility, the contractor provides design and construction services for the investor or buyer. This system differs from the traditional design-bid-build approach, in which separate organizations design and construct a building.

Benefits of Build-Design Model

The design-build approach has been gaining traction in recent years. It offers several benefits over the two-party method, including:

Single Point of Contact

No matter the project, having a single point of contact makes the process easier. When building a home, having the same design and construction team enables you to communicate your dream home to one company that does all the work, from start to finish. This can give you peace of mind and confidence that the builder will know how to bring your design vision to life. It also keeps you and your design-build team more organized, focused, and understanding of whom to contact when necessary.

Improved Communication

Placing designers and builders on the same team improves communication within the team and with the homeowner. The buyer doesn’t need to worry about relaying information between different contractors. Meanwhile, the architects and builders can work collaboratively to troubleshoot any issues.

Smooth Workflow

Custom building a home with a single company creates a smoother workflow. Your team will create and sign off on a contract and set of blueprints, taking full responsibility to construct the home on a certain schedule and at an agreed-upon cost. It also eliminates the worry that the build team won’t be able to fulfill the plans on time or to your specifications.

Less Paperwork and Reduced Risk

Hiring one design-build team means you’ll have only one contract to negotiate and keep track of. This single contract closes warranty gaps and reduces the risk of problems associated with design-bid-build projects. Plus, you won’t have the duty of handing off the project from the designer to a separate construction team once it’s time to build.

Faster Delivery and Cost Savings

The streamlined workflow and increased communication that a single team offers can also improve the turnaround time of a construction project. Additionally, purchasing the design and build services from one company upfront is like buying in bulk, saving you and the company time and resources.

An Experienced, Energy-Efficient Builder

Segal & Morel prides itself on offering low-maintenance, luxury homes built to your design needs. We have several customizable floor plans from which to choose. Our design team tailors the interior amenities to your liking, from spa-like bathrooms and custom kitchens to home offices and playrooms.

We are environmentally conscious and use green building practices. Segal & Morel homes are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program to be 20 to 30% more energy-efficient than conventional homes and we install only top-of-the-line high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows, and lighting. Our team is dedicated to using products that minimize waste, use less energy, and conserve water.

Call Segal & Morel for Design-Build Benefits

Segal & Morel has over 50 years of experience helping customers through the design-build process of their new homes. We can help you cut building costs, time, and hassle while increasing your satisfaction with your home and community in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are happy to answer any questions about designing and building a luxury home. Contact us today to learn more about our services.