You’ve decided it’s time to buy a home. The first question is this: do you want to buy a new, move-in ready option, or are you seeking an older property? While older homes offer ample charm and may seem like a good way to save, there are numerous benefits to buying a home that’s all but ready for move-in day. Segal & Morel, a homebuilder serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania, offers a few reasons why a new, move-in ready home is the right choice.

New Home, New Everything

Moving into an aging home means mechanical systems and appliances that may be approaching the end of their useful life. Even after just five or ten years of use, washers, ranges, and other appliances can show signs of wear depending on their original quality and how they were used. Likewise, an HVAC system should deliver years of reliable performance, but there’s no way of knowing how long a previously used model will last.

In contrast, a brand-new, move-in ready home comes outfitted with top-quality appliances and mechanical systems that have never been used by other homeowners. This helps minimize service calls and allows worry-free living as you settle into your new home.

Low Maintenance

If you enjoy spending weekends on home improvements, an older home is great. Yet before you commit to hours of work, it’s important to understand the effort an older house can require. In addition to general yard work and housekeeping, you may find yourself doing many more repairs than expected.

By choosing a new home, you can take back your free time. Working with a trusted builder, like Segal & Morel, means your home is truly move-in ready. You can put away the ladder, paintbrush, and tools and focus on kicking back with loved ones.

Warranties Offer Peace of Mind

For the most part, older homes are sold as-is. An inspection allows you to identify issues and ask the seller to correct them, but after the closing, you’re liable for any problems that arise. From structural failure to faulty mechanicals, these malfunctions can lead to expensive repairs.

In addition to the peace of mind a new home brings, Segal & Morel’s move-in ready homes are covered by a 10-year, full-service warranty from Residential Mortgage Corp that covers a variety of mishaps, including:

  • Full-term coverage on the home’s major structural elements
  • 2 years coverage on select portions of mechanical systems
  • 1 year coverage for workmanship and materials

This coverage provides added trust in your home’s quality and protection against unexpected costs. What’s more, the warranty is transferable within the 10-year term, increasing the home’s resale value and making it a more attractive option to buyers should you decide to sell.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is still a relatively new concept in homebuilding, although a common feature to look for in electronics and appliances. Aging homes often present drafty windows and a lack of insulation that make them less efficient and more costly to heat and cool. What’s more, it’s hard to stay comfortable in the colder months or summer heat without energy-efficient construction.

As a leader in green homes, Segal & Morel constructs every new home with a focus on energy efficiency. Energy Star® rated appliances, windows and water heaters, low-flow water fixtures, and renewable materials help deliver an environmentally friendly, cost-effective design that will keep your family comfortable and help you feel good about your impact on the planet. In fact, our homes are Energy Star rated by the EPA to ensure their performance.

Learn More about Move-In Ready Homes in NJ and PA

From convenience to peace of mind, it’s easy to see why move-in ready homes are the right choice for so many homeowners. To learn more, contact Segal & Morel today. As trusted homebuilders serving NJ and PA, we offer a variety of floor plans with options for countertops, cabinets, custom finishes, and more. In as little as two months, your new home can be ready for a lifetime of enjoyment.