If you and your spouse are active adults and considering building a new home, it’s important to take floor plan elements into account that can make your lives more fulfilling and easier to manage. The best empty nest living will include plenty of entertainment space, a bedroom suite on the first floor for ease and comfort, and a built-in community that makes it easy to forge new friendships and reconnect with life-long confidants.

For all these amenities and more, active adults should look no further than Segal & Morel. We have extensive experience designing luxurious energy-efficient homes for couples who are looking for the ideal empty nest home. Our range of custom floor plans includes luxury in-home amenities and recreational facilities right around the corner. Here, we look at what the best floor plans will include for active couples.

Considering New Home Floor Plans

There are over 22 million empty nest couples in the United States. It makes sense that architects and construction companies are prepared to design and custom-craft luxurious homes that cater to active adults. Some of the best floor plans for an empty nest residence will include:

A Spacious First Floor with Laundry Room

Floor plans with ample room on the ground floor can provide empty nesters ease when accomplishing most everyday tasks. Having a first-floor laundry room is a must for active adults. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the chance of potential falls and subsequent injuries while walking down and up the stairs with loaded laundry baskets in hand.

Bedroom Suite and Bath

Within the first floor plan should be a spa-like bedroom and bathroom suite. This design allows for ease and comfort in addition to privacy and quality time for couples.

Ample Entertainment Room

Active adults also have more time to entertain guests, including family, long-time friends, and new neighbors. A luxurious home with an open-concept living room that features a fireplace makes it easy for couples and visitors to sit, relax, and share stories. A floor plan that includes a spacious kitchen with gourmet appliances and a stunning, granite-top island is ideal for adult couples who want to host dinner parties. This will enable them to comfortably entertain many guests as they chat, sip, and snack while the host or hostess prepares the main course.

These are just a few characteristics that should be added to the most ideal floor plans for an empty nest home.

High Performance and Energy-Efficient Construction

Once couples have decided on a floor plan, it’s important to consider how to construct their new luxury home. Active adults should think about using the highest quality engineering and products that offer energy savings and require little fuss. To accomplish this, properties should be constructed with:

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  • High R-Value insulation and sealing
  • Energy Start Certified windows and wall systems

These elements offer tight construction, which saves money spent on energy and maintenance. This means installing efficient heating and cooling systems, Energy Star-certified appliances and lighting, and efficient water systems and fixtures. These green home amenities keep the planet healthy and offer the best performance and savings for adult couples who want to use their time and money to relax with family and friends.

Community and Location

The home floor plan is not the only important aspect to contemplate with active adult living — the house location and surrounding community matter, as well. For their well-being, empty nest homes should be near a thriving community and natural elements where residents can engage with friends and family amidst stunning views. Nearby outdoor facilities, such as a pool, clubhouse, walking trails, and volleyball courts, are ideal for active adults to maintain their health and social connections.

Create the Best Floor Plan with Segal & Morel

The most ideal floor plans for active adults are those that suit their unique lifestyles and needs. For over five decades, Segal & Morel has been custom building dream empty nest homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These luxurious properties are highly energy efficient and catered to each client. Our construction team guides you through the process at every step. If you want to design a luxury home that has the best amenities for you and your partner, contact us today for more information.