The kitchen is a central location within the home, and it’s often considered the most important room. More and more, homebuyers are seeking homes that feature large kitchen areas because of the benefits and entertainment possibilities they can offer. Segal & Morel, a trusted home builder in the Lehigh Valley area with 50 years of experience in custom building and home additions, details the advantages of having a big kitchen and why they have become so popular.

More Room for Appliances and Storage

Smaller kitchen areas are limited in space, meaning they are limited in the type and size of appliances they can house. With a big kitchen, you don’t need to compromise on appliances as it provides plenty of room to incorporate all your must-have kitchen machines. No matter which appliances you need or want, you can have them conveniently arranged in a spacious enough kitchen.

Another plus to having a big kitchen is the ability to have a large sink. Bigger sinks can be utilized in many ways to benefit the homeowner, whether they wash dishes by hand or use a dishwasher.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that comes with having a bigger kitchen is the added available storage space that generally comes with it. No longer will you need to come up with clever storage techniques to fit all your pots and pans, cutlery, and other kitchen essentials. Large kitchen islands not only serve as dining areas but can also be utilized as excellent storage solutions.

Easier to Entertain Guests

Many homeowners enjoy hosting and entertaining their guests. This can be challenging with a smaller kitchen space. A larger kitchen allows everyone to move more freely. It also helps eliminate the feeling of crowdedness when everyone gathers in the kitchen area. Additionally, because of the limited space, many smaller kitchens don’t offer much seating space which can also make gathering in the kitchen difficult. The added room of a bigger kitchen allows for more seating to accommodate everybody comfortably. Beyond more space, you’ll have more room to prepare appetizers, courses, and desserts.  

More Options for Design and Lighting

Because the kitchen is often the focal point of the home, many homeowners want to make it their own by designing it to match their preferred style. Smaller kitchens limit homeowners as to how they can design their cooking and eating area. When you have a spacious kitchen area, design possibilities are seemingly endless. Furthermore, bigger kitchens allow for more lighting options that can give the space a more unique and inviting look.

Can Pull Double-Duty

A big kitchen is a great feature to have in the home because it can also be utilized for several other functions. While in the evening it can be where home-cooked meals are made, during the day it can serve as a home office space. The island is a great location for adults or children to complete their work, and the added storage space makes hiding office or school supplies easy.

New Homes with Plenty of Kitchen Space in Easton, PA

Potential homebuyers seeking newly constructed homes that feature generous kitchen space should turn to the reputable builders and experienced team at Segal & Morel. We have been providing homeowners with exceptional homes since 1960. We offer a variety of floor plans including some with versatile flex spaces or big kitchens to meet your specific home needs. All of our homes are energy-efficient green homes that meet Energy Star standards.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Anyone who wishes to learn more about new construction homes in the Lehigh Valley and who wants to call our Riverview Estates West community their home should contact us today at Segal & Morel.