Preparing for a move to a new home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Doing your research and thorough planning can help make the process run more smoothly and allow you to settle in quickly and enjoy your new surroundings. Our experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey builders at Segal & Morel offer these easy tips for streamlining your move to a new community.

Create a Timeline and To-Do List

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer who’s new to tackling these tasks or you’ve already moved multiple times, getting organized should be first on your list. Think about the steps you need to take to complete your move from beginning to end. Write down your moving date, when you’ll start packing, and important details you’ll need to take care of, such as hiring movers, changing your address, transferring utilities, and enrolling children in school.

Find Movers

If you’re hiring movers, it’s important to contact them as early as possible to set a moving date so you’re not left in the lurch. Although online reviews can be helpful, ask around and find out if any of your family members or friends have hired movers they trust. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few, get cost estimates and make your decision.

If you’re considering a DIY move, make sure to nail down a date, secure a truck rental, and confirm that those who plan to help are available. It’s also a good idea to find someone to care for small children and pets on moving day, as they can get underfoot during the process.

Get Rid of Stuff

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys packing, so the less you take with you, the better. Start early with one room at a time and remind yourself that although you may have emotional attachments to some things, you can’t keep everything. A good rule of thumb to apply is if you haven’t used or worn something in more than a year, it should go. Don’t be afraid to get rid of big-ticket items as well. Your old beat-up sofa or rarely-used exercise bike won’t add much to the adventure of making your new house a home.

Make a Plan for Room Layout in Your New Home

Giving careful consideration to how to arrange furniture in your new home can help you save time and make the moving process easier. If you’re a first-time home buyer or purchasing new furniture, make sure it’s ordered well in advance.

Assess each space while it’s empty and envision where you’d like furniture and other items to be placed. Drawing rough sketches of furniture placement in each room can provide a great outline when it comes time to move everything in. If you’re unsure about what you want to do in some rooms, it’s OK – you’ll likely get a better idea of how things flow once you’re moved in. If you’re purchasing a green home, you won’t need to lug items like your old stove or refrigerator, as your new home will be equipped with Energy Star® appliances.

Find Boxes

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible on boxes and packaging materials, check out grocery stores, big box stores, Craigslist, Nextdoor, Freecycle, and other sites to see if anyone is giving them away. Newspaper is a great material for wrapping items, so save any that you may have lying around.

Staples, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, U-Haul, and other stores sell boxes and packing materials like bubble wrap and tape at reasonable prices. Banker’s boxes for files are a manageable size and can be easily broken down and stored or given away when you’re settled in your new home.

Start Packing Way Ahead of Time

Packing items well before your move can help you avoid feeling rushed and stressed out. You’ll have plenty of other things to take care of closer to your moving date. Whether you’re using movers or not, packing items properly is vital. Make sure all fragile items are properly wrapped in paper and bubble wrap and boxes are securely taped. Packing and labeling boxes by the room in which they’ll be placed saves a lot of time and energy when unpacking.

Transfer Utilities and Change Your Address

The last thing you want is to walk into a dark house with no electricity after a hard day of moving. Make sure to contact all utility companies that provide service to your new home two weeks before moving, if possible. It’s also wise to fill out a change of address form with the USPS before you move to avoid lost mail.

Take a Few Boxes of Things You’ll Need Immediately

Making what you need accessible can cut down on frustration and help you ease into your new surroundings. Take a few boxes in the car with you that contain items you’ll need to use immediately, like kitchen utensils, bedding, toiletries, medicines, favorite toys and art supplies, pet food, and some clothes. Laundry baskets, storage containers, and cubbies are also useful for toting things you plan to use right away.

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