Site location, floor plan, room sizes, flooring, fixtures. The array of choices and decisions is dizzying when embarking on the monumental journey of building your own home.

That’s why it is so important to choose a builder who not only provides quality construction, but also serves up personal service and customization, while carefully guiding buyers through the home-building process each step of the way.

Enter Segal & Morel Inc.

This New Jersey-based company has been building top-notch homes for buyers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. Personal service and customization are cornerstones of the company’s success.

“It’s a complicated process and it can be really stressful,’’ said Adam Segal, Segal & Morel’s president.  “It’s a major milestone in the purchaser’s life. Our goal is to make that process as stress free and as exciting as possible.’’

That starts with getting to know each individual buyer – their needs, desires, lifestyle and preferences for the most major investment most people ever make.

“We build only in our home market,’’ Segal said. “That allows us to develop a very personal relationship with our clients. That’s very important to us. Whether it’s in designing, customizing or purchasing the home, we have a bond. We have a name.’’

That name was established about 40 years ago when Segal’s father, Ken, first started the company. Since then, Segal & Morel has built hundreds of high-quality homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The company’s most recent offering is the Riverview Estates community, located in Forks Township, Pa., in the Lehigh Valley, minutes from the New Jersey border and within striking distance of New York City and Philadelphia.

Riverview Estates features two still-developing communities: the Fairway Collection, a community of 34 homes, all with views of the golf course, and Riverview West, offering 221 homes within walking distance of the recreation center, the Riverview Golf Course and the Delaware River.

The community exemplifies Segal & Morel’s commitment to building superior homes. All homes, which range from 2,000 to 4,000-plus square feet, feature numerous architectural details that eschew the boxy look of many newer homes. These homes have niches, exterior stone, arched openings, large porches with hand-crafted columns and other special features.

They sport high ceilings and abundant natural light, three or four bedrooms and two-and-one-half bathrooms, as well as kitchens created by certified designers to achieve both exceptional form and function, Segal said.

The company also is committed to innovation. All homes are built in accordance with the federal Energy Star Program.

“While most people are aware of the program for electronics and appliances, it applies to houses also,’’ Segal explained. “Residents save money and are more comfortable because the home goes through rigorous testing to show it is built better than a home built just to code.’’

But the company’s commitment to the home buyer extends far beyond the important consideration of quality construction. Segal & Morel prides itself on customizing homes so they complement the lifestyles of each individual buyer.

“Our offerings of customization are unique in that they’re nearly endless,’’ Segal said. “The typical builder might say if you want a fireplace it goes on this wall. We say if you want a fireplace, which wall would you like it on?’’

“It really works because we’re a small team and we can work to meet the requirements of each purchaser,’’ Segal said, adding that most of the company’s employees have worked there for more than 20 years, giving buyers peace of mind that they are working with knowledgeable staff who are committed to the company’s high standards.

The Segal & Morel home-buying process works like this.

The salesperson discusses the buyers’ priorities, figuring out which features and components are most important to that particular buyer.

“They have some conversations and help the buyer narrow down which floor plans and which home site locations will best match their needs,’’ Segal said.

Next up is customization, beginning with the larger construction components, such as the size and location of rooms and the garage and other major structural considerations.

Once construction begins, the Segal & Morel team works closely with clients through all phases of the process. For example, after the house is framed, buyers inspect the “guts” of the house — electrical and plumbing systems – before the walls are closed.

At that point, they work with their Segal & Morel team to make other important decisions that go into building house. To make the process more manageable and less stressful, Segal & Morel break it down into three types categories, timed to coincide with the progression of the construction.

The first stage involves choosing the type of water heater, the location of the bathtub and shower, the exterior color scheme, garage door sizes, windows and other major items.

“It’s all the things we need to know when putting up the sticks of the house,’’ Segal explained.

Next, the buyer works with their Segal & Morel team to choose the next round of major components: central vac, air cleaner, alarm systems, cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

And finally, the finishings are chosen — flooring, color palette, trim. Buyers are guided during this phase by a selections coordinator, who specializes in helping clients choose color schemes, tile and other components that will best reflect their style and taste.

Another special feature of the Segal & Morel home buying experience is that the personal attention continues even after closing. Not only is a 10-year warranty standard with every home, the company provides an on-site customer service team that is there to attend to any issues that may arise after closing.

“Our customer service team is based on-site,’’ Segal said. “You meet them before you close on the house. You know their name, face, phone number. They’re there.

“Their role is tweaking and adjusting anything that you notice after closing,’’ he said. “Our on-site team takes care of the little things that come up so we know our customers are completely happy in their new home.’’

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