There are so many things to consider when building a home. How many bedrooms do you need? Which finishes and features will you love most? Today’s homeowners often group energy efficiency among these concerns and expect houses that aren’t just comfortable and well-built, but also good for the planet. If you’re interested in building an energy-efficient home, Segal & Morel explains how we help clients take advantage of eco-friendly benefits from start to finish.

Energy-Efficient Home Features

Green homes integrate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the building process to reduce environmental impact. Common features include:

  • Renewable materials and wood species as well as engineered wood products
  • Recycled content in carpets, concrete formulas, and tiles
  • Appropriately sized HVAC
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator that further exchanges air while retaining energy
  • Low-VOC paints and finishes
  • EPA-certified WaterSense® low-flush toilets
  • Preservation of natural outdoor features
  • Energy Star Certification

True Energy-efficient homes, like ours, are Energy Star Certified and may possess several additional features, but these are among the top elements to look for when choosing a builder.

Cost Benefits

Energy-efficient homes cost less to operate on a square-foot-per-square-foot basis. In fact, Segal & Morel Energy Stay certified homes offer an average energy savings of $50 each month. Also, energy efficiency adds resale value to the home. Green homes are in demand, thanks to a new crop of environmentally conscious buyers.

Building a Segal & Morel Energy Star Home also gives you access to national Energy Star Mortgage Programs that provide financial rewards for energy efficiency. These programs typically recognize that an energy-efficient home will have lower operating costs, making the purchase more affordable.

A Greener Choice You’ll Feel Good About

Energy-efficient homes are designed and built to minimize the overall impact on the local environment. This is hugely beneficial because creating green properties also helps create beautiful, verdant, and healthier neighborhoods and living communities.

Along with eco-friendly building practices, care is taken to preserve trees and other vegetation native to the area. Thoughtful landscaping includes plants that are appropriate for the local climate and grouped according to water needs.

Comfortable and Long-lasting Products

Considerate construction, superior insulation levels, and tight, upgraded windows create a home that feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer. You can also expect to experience a quieter home with fewer drafts and hot/cold spots. At the same time, you and your family can count on less airborne dust and reduced exposure to irritating pollutants in the home. This enhanced access to fresh, clean air is very beneficial to growing children, adults with allergies and breathing concerns, and even pets. Improved duct systems also offer balanced airflow to all rooms for increased comfort.

The materials Segal & Morel uses to build energy-efficient, Energy Star Certified homes are also designed to provide lasting use, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the appearance and function of your custom-built home longer. Alongside these long-lasting materials, Energy Star-qualified lighting and appliances withstand everyday wear and tear while preserving their energy-saving features to provide reliable performance for years to come.

Learn More about Energy-Efficient Homes

When you’re ready to invest in an energy-efficient home, contact Segal & Morel online or call 610-923-8422. Our expert builders have been crafting luxury homes for nearly 60 years with an enduring commitment to custom options, greener choices, and customer satisfaction. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, and we look forward to building the green house of your dreams.