One of today’s hottest trends in building and real estate, a flex space can be located anywhere in the home, from a little nook on the first floor to an attic. At Segal & Morel, our builders keep up with the latest developments in the housing and home building industry. We offer innovative floor plans and energy-efficient luxury homes that help make your vision for a new home a reality in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How to Use a Flex Space

So how do you use a flex room? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Whether you have small children or you’re a couple looking for an empty nest home, as your needs and lifestyle change, a flex space can evolve with you.

Common Uses for Flex Spaces

Here are just a few suggestions for ways to use your flex space:

Home Office

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home than ever. Creating a home office that’s functional, serene, and welcoming makes sense, as you’ll likely spend lots of time there. Depending on your family situation, you may want to put your office in a room away from small children so you can avoid noise and interruptions.

If noise isn’t a concern and you enjoy the convenience of being near the kitchen, you could pick a floor plan with a “bonus room” on the first floor. A home office also functions well as a multipurpose room – put in some shelves to create a little library, place a comfortable chair in the corner, and enjoy a good book after work or when you take a break during the day.

Hobby Room

Regardless of your age, relaxing with a hobby you enjoy can provide a respite from the flurry of daily life. If you enjoy sewing, painting, or another art or craft, you may want to choose a room or area that gets lots of light. Hobbies like woodworking can be a bit messier and louder due to the use of tools. In this case, consider creating a flex space in your basement, garage, or somewhere that makes it easy to clean up sawdust and wood. No matter which area you use for a flex room, one of the great things is that all your supplies are in one place, which makes working on projects easier and more enjoyable.


There’s no denying that kids often make a lot of noise and leave their stuff all over the house. Having a dedicated space where they can play dress-up, and stash their toys, books, and games can cut down on clutter around the house. Your builder can install custom cabinetry and shelves so it’s easy for kids to tidy up when playtime is over. If your children are very young, you may want to situate the playroom in an area that’s open to the kitchen or living room so you can keep an eye on them.

Media Room

Are you a gamer, movie fan, or music lover? Turning your flex space into a media room may be for you. A wide-screen TV, stereo, computer, and comfy seating are just a few things to include in your media room. Ask your builder to include some extra outlets and USB hubs so you have plenty of places to plug in devices.

Exercise Room

Using a flex room for working out or doing yoga gives you a dedicated space where you can focus on exercising and avoid paying for a gym membership. Even better, you can put in equipment you like to use, such as an exercise bike, weight bench, mats, and more. You can even install mirrors and a dance barre, which gives your kids a perfect place to practice if they enjoy dancing.

Get Creative With Your Flex Space

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a flex room you’ll love. These are just a few suggestions – some other things to consider include a music room, extra living room, guest bedroom for visitors, or a multi-purpose room. New homes with flex spaces are in demand, so adding one may add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

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