Purchasing a spec home offers a range of benefits to the buyer. For over five decades Segal & Morel has been custom-designing and building affordable luxury homes in the Lehigh Valley for people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We also build spec homes. Here, we discuss the many benefits of buying a spec home and how Segal & Morel can provide walkthrough tours.

What Is a Spec Home?

A spec home is a move-in ready house built by design and construction firms that don’t have a secured buyer. Short for speculative home, it’s built on the premise that there are buyers readily available to purchase the property. Seeking to make spec homes attractive and investment-worthy, home builders construct them to be sturdy and reliable as well as aesthetically appealing. That means they often use advanced green home technology and install top-grade fixtures and finishes. These new homes are also typically constructed within a conveniently located community like our Riverview Estates West and include onsite amenities.

Benefits of a Spec Home

There are several advantages to buying a spec home. From being brand new and immediately available to including cutting-edge amenities, the list is long, including:

Know What You Are Getting

One asset to purchasing a spec home is that future homeowners can walk through them before buying or take a virtual tour. This allows potential buyers to see the fixtures and appliances, the construction quality, and the lighting. These tours also help people see what’s located nearby and familiarize themselves with the neighborhood.

Many Choices

Because spec homes are generally constructed within planned communities, buyers often have several options that are nearing completion or are move-in ready within a small radius. This can make it easier to view several properties in the same area, ensuring a less stressful and more efficient house-hunting process.

Reduce Risk

A spec home is a brand-new home. Buyers can be assured they’re the first to use the home’s flooring, appliances, bathroom fixtures, kitchen features – everything. Not only can this increase personal comfort but buying new better ensures major maintenance and repairs are far in the future. This makes spec homes a more reliable investment and gives greater peace of mind.


Buyers who want a custom-built new home, but don’t have the time or inclination to decide every detail will find spec homes hassle-free. They can rely on an experienced design-build team that knows how to create a floor plan and select lighting, countertops, windows, appliances, fixtures, and amenities that are energy-efficient and have already proven to provide an elegant look.


Spec homes are often crafted by design-build companies with extensive experience developing and constructing houses. These builders have a level of expertise that allows them to construct quality homes efficiently, enabling them to maintain affordable pricing without compromising quality.

Immediately Available

Spec homes are well-planned and constructed promptly and efficiently. Builders are frequently waiting for homeowners to purchase them. This means closing times are much faster than if custom-building from scratch or buying an older home from previous owners.

From value to ease of purchase there are several reasons a spec home is an ideal choice for your new home.

Quick Delivery Homes at Segal & Morel

Though we’re well-known for guiding buyers through custom building their next new home, we also provide quick delivery options. Segal & Morel quick delivery homes are built with the same quality products and energy efficiency as our custom homes. These homes typically include:

  • Gas fireplace
  • Hardwood floors
  • Upgraded plumbing fixtures and cabinets 

Plus, we use Energy Star-certified appliances and fixtures to lower your home’s carbon footprint. You can choose the home’s final touches and fixtures.

Call Segal & Morel for Your New Home

Segal & Morel has over 50 years of experience building exceptional homes in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Each of our spec homes is constructed with the needs of customers in mind and you can be assured they are high energy-saving and low maintenance. Our experienced team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about a quick delivery spec home at Segal & Morel, contact us today.