There’s a lot to desire about a new construction home. There are no prior owners, you get the convenience of the property being move-in ready, and the home is designed to fit your style. While there’s much to like about a new home build, potential homeowners should still protect themselves as they would purchasing any other property. This can be accomplished by homebuyers doing their due diligence and knowing which questions to ask before going through with the purchase.

Located in Bridgewater, NJ and serving Easton, Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley area, and New Jersey, Segal & Morel offers energy-efficient custom home building. Here, we explore the questions you should ask during your quest for a new construction home.

How Much Experience Does the Builder Have?

When it comes to purchasing a home, regardless of whether it’s a new construction build or an older home, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Working with a reputable and experienced builder can help ease the minds of potential homebuyers.

Asking how much experience the builder has is wise. Builders with reputations for poor workmanship can result in you dealing with problems much sooner than anticipated. Furthermore, ask a builder what previous homes and subdivisions they have built. Builders with positive reputations should be more than happy to share the names and addresses of their completed communities.

Does the Builder Have References from Previous Buyers?

To better understand what it will be like living in a newly built home, ask the builder for references. When reaching out to these references, you can ask if their experience with the builder was positive or negative and why. Consider also asking the builder if they have any virtual tours available of the previous homes they’ve built.

Is the Home Energy Efficient?

For most homeowners, having an energy-efficient home is essential. While green homes are more common than ever, it’s not guaranteed a new construction build will come equipped with energy-saving features. Ask what amenities come standard before purchasing any home.  Understand the difference between an Energy Star Rated Home  and one claiming to be energy efficient without specifics.

What Are Expected Maintenance Costs?

One of the biggest allures of a turnkey-ready home is the brand-new amenities and features. However, new home builds can still have maintenance costs. To ensure you remain within your budget, ask your builder what the anticipated maintenance costs will be.

What Are the Warranty Options?

It’s common for most builders to include a warranty for their work. Knowing what’s included in this warranty can better protect potential homeowners. We recommend reading through any warranty paperwork with someone knowledgeable in the process to get a better understanding of its length, what’s covered, and what’s excluded.

What About Customizing a Complete or Nearly Finished Home?

For the most part, new build homes allow homebuyers to have a house that suits them and their needs with customized finishes and features. To make your home one-of-a-kind, it’s important to ask the builder what options you can add before it’s too late to make any changes. Making certain everyone is on the same page is vital for a new home build as it ensures the project remains on schedule.

New Home Builds from a Trusted Builder in Easton, PA

Those wishing to build their dream home should turn to the trusted builders at Segal & Morel. It has been our privilege to provide clients in Easton, PA, and the Lehigh Valley area with beautiful, customized, energy-efficient homes for the last 50 years. Our homes are available with a variety of floor plans, including some with versatile flex spaces. With an emphasis on conserving energy, every home we build meets Energy Star standards.

We’re happy to answer any questions about Easton, PA, and our home builder. For more information regarding new home construction or our Riverview Estates West community, contact us today at Segal & Morel.