If you’ve been in the market for a home, you might have noticed that every house you tour comes with compromises. Maybe you wanted a large kitchen but every house you’ve looked at has underwhelmed you. With Segal & Morel custom home designs, you don’t have to compromise or sacrifice luxury for functionality. We understand that a home is one of the biggest, most important purchases you can make, so choosing carefully is essential. Being able to design every aspect of your own home means you’ll be completely satisfied from the first time you walk through the front door. Contact our sales office today to learn more.

Built For You

Purchasing a new home requires a lot of work and compromise. The process of touring homes and trying to select the best fit can be a bit daunting. Starting with our huge array of new home layouts, you can choose just how many bathrooms you need, the size of the kitchen, and every other element of your personal dwelling. We work closely with you from the beginning so we have an excellent understanding of what you’re looking for. When needed, we can also modify plans to best suite your needs or wishes. When you open the doors to your new home, you’ll be entering into a space that feels built just to your specifications. This is great for busy families looking for a luxury, custom home without the time commitment of designing the details, or those looking to downsize and spending their golden years relaxing.

No Need to Compromise

There is usually a point in the home buying experience where you have to decide if you want a functional feature or a luxury feature. With a Segal & Morel custom-designed luxury home, you don’t have to make those tough decisions between comfort and functionality. Our homes are designed by you, using the best materials available. We have been a total Energy Star new-home builder since 2002 because we believe that your home should also provide enduring quality and value. Our homes are designed to be energy efficient for the long run, so you save money while enjoying all the comforts of a custom home design.

Build with Us

We have been in the home building business since 1960, and we have a strong sense of what our customers are looking for in a custom-built luxury home. We consistently deliver superior quality, and we are ready to get to work building your dream home. Contact our team today to learn more.